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There are three Evil Dick CDs you can purchase: All That Glisters, Rock 'n' Random and Coprophagism. Buy them individually for £10 each or buy them all for just £20. Do the MATHS, then get in touch. Sorry, there's no fancy shopping basket, you just have to email to receive instructions...

Evil Dick @ The Musician 20 May, 2003

YouTube Posted on Sat, August 10, 2013 02:27:01

Some nice retro footage featuring a whole set of pieces that we haven’t played for 10 years!

Feet Are On The Ground / Coloured Dots II / Post-Caringism
Who’s Your Daddy?
// Dots IV / Council Wife
//’s Tits / Sweaty Retard

Evil Dick @ The Shed 6 Feb, 2011

YouTube Posted on Sat, August 10, 2013 02:19:18

Here’s some footage of the band playing around Leicester in preparation for our Zappanale gig in 2011

Parallel Turds / Dead Rabbit
Bumhole Mambo
Burning Clifton
Circle (by Larry ‘Wildman’ Fischer)