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There are three Evil Dick CDs you can purchase: All That Glisters, Rock 'n' Random and Coprophagism. Buy them individually for £10 each or buy them all for just £20. Do the MATHS, then get in touch. Sorry, there's no fancy shopping basket, you just have to email to receive instructions...


BUY Evil Dick CDs Posted on Fri, October 21, 2016 20:05:13

Rock ‘n’ Random (2002)

BUY Evil Dick CDs Posted on Mon, August 12, 2013 11:38:28

Evil Dick & the Banned Members: Rock ‘n’ Random
Get your copy today!

This marks the last time Evil spent money on making an actual, physical CD.

Rock ‘n’ Random features various computer pieces, live recordings, improvisations by the Banned Members, interview outtakes, coloured dots and binary serialism! Very eclectic and random, this CD pushes random music into new areas whilst making absurd pop music at the same time.

Tracks (total 49:13)

  1. Biased to Zero
  2. Coloured Dots II
  3. Sensitive Dick
  4. Anchovies in the Icecream
  5. Is that Boston Again?
  6. The Scissor Position
  7. Gastrointestinal Emergency
  8. Whining Gimp
  9. Montage
  10. Hair Spider Stuck to Sock
  11. Cherry Picking
  12. Radio
  13. No. K.
  14. Sweaty Retard
  15. Binary Sequence III
  16. Fuckwits in the Biz
  17. Our Instruments are Broken
  18. Unwiderstelicht!
  19. March of the PoMo Toss-pots

Coprophagism (1998)

BUY Evil Dick CDs Posted on Sun, August 11, 2013 23:15:04

Evil Dick: Coprophagism
Get your copy today!

The CD that set the ball in motion; the Evil one’s debut CD contains songs you LOVE! “Council Wife”, “Klismaphila Funk”, “Coprophagism” and many, many more. Readers of The Wire will (won’t) remember that this was Ben Watson’s favourite CD of 1998.

I don’t think coprophagism has made it into the dictionary yet so I’ll tell you all about it. I discovered the word ‘coprophagia’ in the book Bizarre Sex (Parrallel Books, 1995) by London therapist Roy Eskapa. He lovingly dedicated the book to his parents. On page 350 it reads: ‘Coprophagia is the term given to those few individuals who are sexually gratified by consuming excrement – faeces and/or urine’. What? You think it’s a great name for an album too?!

Tracks (total 50:33)

  1. Little Pink Gibson
  2. Klismaphilia Funk
  3. Bogg-Marsh Boogie
  4. Around The Corner
  5. Zenoonez
  6. Council Wife
  7. What Is It Now?
  8. Doos
  9. The Hokey Hooker
  10. Get Down/Get off
  11. Expt in 5:1,
  12. Dun Pressed On,
  13. Girl With The Mechanical Neck Movement,
  14. Coprophagism

Get your copy today!

Council Wife Video


Evil Dick: Topping from the Bottom (1999)

BUY Evil Dick CDs Posted on Wed, October 31, 2012 19:49:20

TOPPING FROM THE BOTTOM – finally released in mp3 format!

In 1999 I was still in my 20s and hadn’t (yet) given up hope that
someone in the music industry would recognise my obvious and abundant musical talents. There were a few close scrapes. The former manager of Carcass offered a
glimmer of hope. After a weekend spent with him and his family I wrote ‘Smell
the Air’, a song based on our shared experiences of boredom in the countryside.
Irritatingly, he interpreted this as me browning nosing him as opposed to being
inspired by him to write something. ‘Smell the Air’ is still one of my favourite pieces on the

Indeed, I suffered a few confidence knockbacks back then, in the days
when I used to listen to random people in the music industry; people that weren’t
equipped to deal with me because they didn’t share the same frames of
reference. It still happens today only
I don’t care anymore. The final nail in the coffin for Topping From the Bottom (as originally envisaged) was moving to
Leicester to start a PhD… suddenly I needed to think about other stuff.

So why release this thing now?
Well, partly because 2012 marks the 10th anniversary of Rock ‘n’ Random, the first Evil Dick
album to feature real musicians (the Banned Members). And because it’s about